Our RON Platforms we utilize and why

June 4, 2023

Many notaries assume that because we are a full service Remote Online Notarization “RON” company that we use our own platform to conduct our notarizations.  However, we outsource our RON service providers to deliver added security and reliable support to our signers. The two (2) platforms we utilize the most are SIGNiX and DocVerify. Below is a brief description of the benefits and details of each platform we use. 

SIGNiX utilizes Zoom which most signers feel comfortable using. Additionally, the signer conducts their mandatory online identity verification with the notary present. Conducting the verification together can be helpful if the signer requires technological assistance or a step-by-step demonstration. The annual fee is low in comparison to alternate platforms, yet the price per stamp can become costly. Lastly, SIGNiX secures the executed documents and e-recordings for downloading and/or electronic storage. TAKE NOTE, that to the best of my knowledge, this platform is one of the only platforms in compliance with Florida Statutes to conduct the remote notarization of estate planning documents.

DocVerify utilizes their own audio and video communication for the signer and notary to connect. Furthermore, the signer conducts their mandatory online identity verification prior to the signer and notary connecting. Operating the verification process beforehand can be beneficial if the signer desires to perform their screening on their own time any time prior to their online notarization appointment. The annual fee is high in comparison to alternate platforms, nonetheless it provides reasonable pricing for identity screening and signing fees. Finally, DocVerify creates a downloadable electronic journal, stores the executed documents and e-recordings for uploading and/or storage. PLEASE NOTE, that a Florida Notary Public cannot conduct an online notarization of estate planning documents on this platform at this time. 

Other RON service providers we have considered and/or used include, but are not limited to, SecuredSignings, Propersign, Notarize, DocUsign, BlueNotary, OneNotary and Pavaso.

In conclusion, there are many benefits of outsourcing a RON service provider. The benefits we highlighted today include added security, convenience, reliable customer support, and user-friendly programming. Another advantage is that each platform conducts the mandatory identity screening in accordance with Florida Law.  

Written by: Genna Rubolino, FRP, Founder

Florida Notary Public and Florida Online Notary

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