COVID-19 and Remote Notarization

August 8, 2020

With COVID-19 cases rising in Florida, more and more people are turning to remote notarization for their signings.  The first question a signer asks when inquiring about a remote notarization is always how it works.  Remote notarizations are like in-person notarizations, but you are not physically in the notary’s presence.  The remote notary still sees the signer sign, requests identification prior to the signing and asks the typical questions such as “do you know and willing wish to sign this document today?” The differences include the following:

The signer presses a button to sign electronically instead of with ink;

The signer undergoes an identity screening by clicking a link prior to the notarization;

The signer and notary meet virtually using a smartphone, tablet or computer using a platform with audio and visual communication;

The signing takes less time then an in-person signing since you press a button instead of signing; and

The signer receives the fully executed document via email.