May 31, 2022

There is no cut off age for an online notarization. In our experience each signer should have some computer or smart device knowledge before proceeding to successfully complete the mandatory online identity screening.  Each signer is required to upload a state issued driver license, identification card or U.S. Passport; answer four (4) security questions in under two (2) minutes (which may go back as far as 30 years into the signer’s history) and adopt an electronic signature. If an individual is signing documents remotely, they must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a United States Citizen.
  2. Be 18 years of age or older.
  3. Have a social security number.
  4. Have a valid State issued Driver License or Identification Card or United States Passport.
  5. Speak English, or provide a duplicate document in the signer’s native language and provide a translator.
  6. 5 years of credit history.
  7. Access to a Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone with audio and video capabilities along with internet access.
  8. Sound mind, alert, and mentally competent at the time of signing.

Additional requirements may apply based on the documents being signed. It is strongly recommended that the signer have a U.S. phone number.

We suggest that any signer who does not feel comfortable with technology appoint a trusted friend or professional to help with the remote signing process. Our team is happy to help any signer with the technology by phone.

Written by: Genna Rubolino, CP, FRP, General Manager

Florida Notary Public and Florida Online Notary

Certified Paralegal, Florida Registered Paralegal

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